Fast, stable, scalable Bitcoin.
Bool Network is an open, decentralized and secure Bitcoin verification layer powered by MPC-based distributed key management over evolving hidden committees. It enables developers to easily build a fast, stable, and scalable Bitcoin Layer 2 blockchain in a one-stop manner, inheriting the security features of Bitcoin.
Build Mathematical Trust for Web3
The trust in off-chain computation is fragile. The Committee, built on cryptography. Ensures the accuracy of computation in a trustless and permissionless environment.
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Zero Knowledge Proof
The original RingVRF algorithm by Bool ensures the privacy of all node identities.
Multi Party Computation
Handover protocol will constantly change the nodes within the Committee.
Trusted Execution Environment
Distributed key generation and the core operations of Bool run within an Enclave.
How it works
Data Availability
Forced Exit
Epoch 1 Smart Contract Message Committee Node A Node B Node C Verification Result randomly selected Private Keyshare handover Epoch 2 Smart Contract Message Committee Node D Node E Node F Verification Result randomly selected Thousands of nodes in Bool Network